Wrinkles are being created by the absence of skin mass and due to the weakening of the muscles supporting the skin. All of this – due to the decrease of collagen level, loss of the filler material and decrease of elasticity through the years. Decreasing production of collagen and elastin, in addition to loss of efficiency and quality of the cells, all these reasons altogether are causing the wrinkles. Facial wrinkles are among the most prevalent reason that prompts women to seek for cosmetic treatments or surgeries. Since the dietary supplements and catalysts of Tivoni contribute to general balance of the body from within, it means that they are able to contribute to treating and reducing wrinkles, as well as preventing them – all of this, from within!

Additional information about wrinkles:
Wrinkles occur due to listlessness of the skin and lack of flexibility. Elastin and collagen cells in the middle layer of the skin (dermis) are dwindling with years and the quantity of the cells is reducing. Once the skin is loosing its elasticity and ability to stretch, it tends to develop cracks, mainly due to changes in its layout and due to the influence of other factors. The products WellTiv-1 and BeauTiv are postponing the process of skin aging and treat well the existing wrinkles.

In the Western culture, wrinkles considered as sign of old age. The desire to blur and fade away the wrinkles had created a whole industry of products and cosmetic services, helping eliminate the wrinkles – starting from facial creams and ends with invasive cosmetic procedures.

While the elasticity of the skin is decreasing and the tendency of wrinkles increase, the movement of facial muscles is loading the skin, creating wrinkles in the spots, where the skin is being stretched and folded (for instance, permanent wrinkles of smiles or anger).

Treatment by Tivoni

WrinkleDirection for useMonthly
BeauTiv2 capsules, twice a day, with meal.2 Boxes
WellTiv-11-1½ tablespoon a day, with cup of warm water or warm tea before bedtime, far from meal. 2 Boxes
Cell Oxygen 21 tablespoon, 3 times a day, with meal (start gradually).2 Bottles
In hard cases* - add:
OpTiv1-2 capsules, twice a day, with meal.1 Box
*For the most comprehensive and precise treatment, and in severe cases, please contact the Training Division of TIVONI by tivoni@tivoni.com

Did you know?

The ages of people reporting the appearance of wrinkles is getting lower. Few years ago, the average age of people applying for cosmetic facial treatment for wrinkles was around forty. Today we’re witnessing a drop down of the average age of those who are interested in cosmetic treatments down to thirty. It may be caused by atmospheric changes that makes the sun exposure more dangerous for the skin, or the nutrition changes, or the increase of stress and tension, affecting people on a daily basis.

Types of Wrinkles

  • Stable wrinkles wrinkles in the area of chin, lips and nose, caused by listlessness of the skin and sun exposure.
  • Active wrinkles wrinkles generated by the activity of the muscles (such as laughing lines of frown lines). These wrinkles are more prevalent in the area above the nose (around the eyes and on the forehead).