Acne is an inflammatory skin disease, causing the hair follicles on the face, chest and back to be blocked. This blocking causes the accumulations of lipids from the sebaceous glands and forms sores on the skin. The main cause of acne is excessive hormonal activity.
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Treatment by Tivoni

AcneDirection for useMonthly
BeauTiv2 capsules, twice a day, with meal.2 Boxes
DigesTiv1-2 capsules, 3 times a day, 15-30 minutes before meal.2 Boxes
CareTiv2-3 capsules, twice a day, about 30 minutes far from meal.2-3 Boxes
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Did you know?

  • The acne is most prevalent among adolescents. During this stage of life, due to the hormonal changes, the sebaceous glands secrete milk in excessive way.
  • There is a form of adult’s acne as well.
  • It appears during adolescence and declines by the age of 25. Some adults suffer from it as well, but it’s not much frequent, it’s 12% among women and 3% among men. Unlike in adolescents, the symptoms are significantly less severe for adults who suffer from acne.
  • Among women at the ages of 30-40, the acne will appear as lesions around the mouth and on the chin.

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Acne is being formed in the hair follicles on the face and the back. Normally, the follicle is open and the pipes lead the liquids from sebaceous glands to the skin and out of the body. In the state of acne, there is a blockage in the follicle, so the liquid is being filled without draining out, which makes the skin to swell and become pus.

Types of disease

There are two types of acne, the Inflammatory and non-inflammatory.
The non-inflammatory acne is once the blockage of the follicle is small, black or white. In this case, the skin is healed without external intervention.
The inflammatory acne creates large pus lesions, which occur due to a rupture in the skin pore, usually as a result of picking in the wound.