Itching is a neural response to an external or an internal stimulus, which may be allergic or inflammatory and usually expressed by an unpleasant feeling on the skin, which stimulates the urge to scratch or rub it – the itching. Itching might appear due to skin diseases or various allergies, while the products of Tivoni might carry a true solution for the problem.

Disease definition:

Itching is a neural, sensor unpleasant activity, which leads to a unique reaction of contra action from a different organ (usually an armor a leg) in order to abolish or relieve the annoying sensation. The material which creates the itching feeling called histamine and it is a chemical substance secreted by mast cells, which are part of the body’s defense system, and are aimed to respond to the intrusionof bacteria and parasites. Histamine binds to the nerve ends and therefore it felted in the body’s outer layer. In fact, the itch is an alert signal of the body’s defense system against internal attack (illness) or an external one (bacteria). One of the most known itching is after a mosquito bite, and it’s actually the reaction of the body which fights a foreign object (the mosquito) and the material it penetrated inside the body.

Treatment by Tivoni

ItchingDirection for useMonthly
BeauTiv2 capsules, twice a day, with meal.2 Boxes
CareTivInfants: Consult with the Training Division of TIVONI by
Children: Consult with the Training Division of TIVONI by
Adults: 2-3 capsules, twice a day, about 30 minutes far from meal.2-3 Boxes
*For the most comprehensive and precise treatment, and in severe cases, please contact the Training Division of TIVONI by


  • Dry skin
  • Eczema and other skin diseases, chicken pox, scabies, lies
  • Any allergies
  • An allergy to a specific medication
  • Pregnancy
  • Insect bite

Itching may also occur as a symptom of an internal disease which produces it. For example: liver disease, celiac disease, anemia, cancer and more. Or as a symptom of mental situation, means the itching is covering sort of stress or anxiety.