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Cell Oxygen an extract of live cells to full cell nutrition. A perfect biological kit for balance, maintenance, cell restoration, and perfect performance. Cell Oxygen is the most ultimate Multi Vitamin nutritional supplement.
Cell Oxygen – an extract of live cells for full cell nutrition. A perfect biological kit for balance, maintenance, cell restoration and perfect performance. In the 1950s, Nobel Prize winner Prof. Lonnen developed the revolutionary Cell Oxygen, which provides an optimal solution for problems related to the modern era.
Cell Oxygen is the ultimate nutritional supplement, containing all the major food groups, as well as molecular oxygen, billions of enzymes, coenzymes and anti-oxidant elements – with an optimal dosage and balance compatible with the needs of the human cell. Cell Oxygen is compatible with the functional medicine approach: to provide tools for the cells to produce vital energy to preserve quality of life, and to treat and prevent disease.
All components in Cell Oxygen are produced in a natural fermentation process, without additives. Cell Oxygen does not undergo heating processes, thus its nutritional value is preserved. This allows efficient assimilation of all the components, with high availability (about 95%), without the need for intake of large quantities of vitamins and minerals, which leave waste in the body and damage the cells. Cell Oxygen is an essential nutrient in the daily diet.


Cell Oxygen is made of biologically grown, natural substances originating from a special variety of young, live yeast cells extract, fruit juices, fatty acids and wheat germ oil. These young micro-yeast cells are fermented and enriched with molecular oxygen. 20 ml of Cell Oxygen extract contains: 150 billion micro and macro enzymes, 20 amino acids, 17 different vitamins (including A, C, D, E, vitamin Bs and folic acid), 14 kinds of minerals and microminerals (iron, zinc, calcium) Co-enzymes: Q-10, Q-6 (active), acetyl co-enzyme A Enzymes: SOD (active), invertase, proteases, catalase Molecular oxygen: perfect respiratory enzymes and inositol Caloric value: 3 teaspoons – 50 calories only


Clinical research proves that Cell Oxygen:

  • Provides a full nutritional supplement of all the essential components – a super-nutrition that constitutes the ultimate alternative for people taking nutritional supplements
  • Provides preventative maintenance at every age, to keep the cells young and healthy and to slow down the aging process
  • Treats and prevents ageing and degenerative diseases
  • Restores cells and returns them to full performance – significantly improves the individual’s healing, recuperation and immunity
  • Prevents damage from active or passive smoking, polluted air and radiation – cell phones, computers, sun and other factors
  • Provides very efficient treatment for fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia
  • Helps the cell to produce coenzymes, Q-10, S.O.D., glutathione and more, which neutralize external stress
  • Constitutes the perfect anti-oxidant (neutralizes free radicals), neutralizes toxins, harmful bacteria and metals in the cells and liver
  • Helps to treat immunodeficiency diseases, such as cancer (during and after radiation and chemotherapy), AIDS, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, psoriasis and arthritis
  • Enhances oxidation and blood quality and flow, and neutralizes homocysteine in the blood, making it an important factor in preventing cardiovascular and liver disease, stroke, memory loss and more
  • Enhances the normal growth factor in children
  • Treats respiratory disorders, such as asthma and pneumonia
  • Increases the energy level at all ages, improves achievement in sport and prevents damage during aerobic activity
  • Balances intestinal flora, treats Candida albicans, and controls harmful intestinal fungi and bacteria
  • Treats prostrate disorders (with AndroTiv)
  • Treats anemia (important for vegetarians) and anorexia


Cell Oxygen supplies all nutritional needs, restores the cell respiration chain, contains enzymes that regulate absorption in the intestines and enhances the regular activity of the body’s systems.
Cell Oxygen allows proper oxidation and production of glutathione and Q-10 in cells, which help to neutralize the damages caused as a result of oxygen stress (the main cause of about 200 diseases). It also helps the body to restore cells, or to remove damaged cells (pathogens), caused by environmental changes.

Directions for use

  • Start from one quarter of a teaspoon and gradually increase the quantity until reaching the required dosage.
  • Shake the bottle well before use and refrigerate after opening.
  • Cell Oxygen can be diluted with half a glass of water, or natural fruit juice (such as pineapple and apple)
  • Take the recommended dosage with or after a meal.
  • The daily dose may be taken at once or divided into a number of smaller doses.
  • Important: cell Oxygen is a natural product and therefore its color , texture and taste may differ from one batch to another.
  • Cell oxygen may be used up to two months after opening.
  • In complex cases, it is recommended to consult with the training department.
Daily dosage
Cell Oxygen –gradual (tsp)CareTiv(capsules)T 6 (tea-spoon)OmegaTiv (capsules)
General – maintenance, nutritional supplement of all nutrient components, for dieting and for treatment of a range of diseases3
Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia4-62-42
Diabetes – rehabilitation of cells and systems331-2
Cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis and other immunodeficiencies4-64-62-3
Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease3-54-624-6
Poor memory3-4 with 3 StabiTiv capsules3-6
Natural anti-aging – delaying ageing processes3, with OmegaTiv and MenoTiv for women, or Andro-7 for men
Cardiovascular disorders3-424-6
Women –  for nutritional support during pregnancy and breastfeeding3 gradually, and with OmegaTiv
Children – for nutritional support for digestive and growth disorders½-6, according to age


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