Contains: 400 grams

The Sweetness of Health




The sweetness of health! And tasty too! SweeTiv – great for the whole family

  • For babies, children and adults – for a healthy, balanced diet.
  • An essential part of your daily diet – suitable as a spread and for cooking and baking
  • Ideal for sweetening hot and cold drinks. Also recommended as a concentrate for preparing juice or as a hot infusion.
  • Recommended for spreading on sandwiches – an ideal alternative to spreads that contain sugar and other sweeteners.
  • Natural – contains no artificial sweeteners.

Studies prove that foods with very low glygemic indexes, like SweeTiv, are important for maintaining balanced weight, for losing weight and for diabetes sufferers.


Fructose, FOS fibers, lemon, plant nectars (green tea, dandelion, olive leaves, elderberry, licorice), numerous polyphenols, essential fibers, a huge amount of antioxidant components and other ingredients important for weight, sugar and health maintenance. Lizuf Berry also contains natural berry extract.


Enjoy a teaspoon of Lizuf every time you feel like “devouring” everything in the refrigerator. It will take the edge off your craving for sugar and carbohydrates


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