Tivoni’s Tivonnaise is nature’s healthy and tasty alternative to the mayonnaise spread. Tivonnaise is made from high quality soy, an excellent source of dietary fiber and protein without all the added cholesterol, fat and other harming ingredients found in animal protein sources. Tivonnaise contains a high quality, Easily digestible protein which contains all the essential amino acids and is rich with Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E. The product’s ingredients are all fermented with a digestion system friendly bacteria called lactobacillus bulgaricus that increases the products healthy factor significantly. Tivoni’s Tivonnaise – When health and taste are spread together.

Tivoni’s Tivonnaise comes in 4 wonderful flavors:

  • Tivonnaise natural – the perfect solution for making your favorite sandwiches the healthy way, the Tivoni way.
  • Tivonnaise garlic – Garlic has strong anti-inflammatory attributes and adds a special zest to the spread.
  • Tivonnaise nuts – Nuts are an important source of iron and unsaturated fats and give the spread a meat like flavor.
  • Tivonnaise fibers – Enhanced with fibers, this version of the Tivonnaise supports the digestion system and promotes easy digestion.


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