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T-9 – an advanced formula for regulating and balancing the defensive systems of the human body and treating severe illnesses.

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What is T-9?

T-9 is a natural biologically active supplement containing the most powerful components for improving the natural immune functions of the body.

What is the uniqueness of T-9?

The components of T-9 are produced by modern technologies, ensuring that the product contains all the immune properties available for the cells (there are about 200 of those), such as: heteropolysaccharides, soluble beta Glucan types 1,3 and 1,6 and more.
The immune modulators in T-9 capsule include 500 mg of long-chained  heteropolysaccharides, soluble beta Glucan types 1,3 and 1,6, Arabinoxylan, Lentinan, KS2, AC2P, Grifola frondosa, PSP, PSK, active  hemicellulose, AHCC, non-linear components with high molecular weight (HMW) and more.
Countless studies had shown that these components contribute to treating and preventing severe diseases, including cancer.

T-9 – the benefits

  • T-9 contains much more active high quality  immune components than those known by now.
  • T-9 evokes optimal responses of the defense and immune systems, which helps to cause immune reactions, preventing and treating severe diseases, such as: cancer, Alzheimer’s and more.
  • T-9 does not evoke overreactions such as autoimmune reactions.

Who need T-9?

Patients andor high risk groups of severe diseases – for both treating and preventing.
Anyone, who wish to maintain healthy functioning of the immune system and to lead a healthy lifestyle.
CompositionT-9 contains many derived components of six important types of medical fungi from an organic growth: cordyceps, shitake, reishi, maitake, agaricus blazei  and coriolus.
General usage guidelines: 4-8 capsules a day.


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