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V for health, defeat to viruses!
CareTiv – V – a biologically active supplement providing the defense systems of the body the force to fight against all kinds of viruses.

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What is CareTiv – V?

CareTiv – V is a unique organic formula aimed to work on the level of immunological differentiation, leading to balanced regulated function of the defense systems, and evoking the strongest reaction towards viruses.
CareTiv – V contains over 200 modulators, regulating the activity of the defense system, for instance, complex and long-chained heteropolysaccharides.
CareTiv – V contains a variety of medical fungi, especially the whole spectrum of HEAA and green tea extract.

Why do we need CareTiv – V?

CareTiv – V helps us to create an effective defense, depending on the needs of the body, at any moment of the day, and to neutralize all kinds of viruses, hence keeping highest protection non-stop.
Our defense systems are exposed to severe attacks, which might cause illness and damage the general health. Among the triggers of diseases we can find many kinds of viruses originated from different families. The science is familiar with only part of the existing viruses; the science is familiar with only part of the existing viruses.  But the viruses are altering their shape, simultaneously creating new and more violent types of viruses.   This is why CareTiv – V is so important, it doesn’t waits until the virus attacks our body, but builds an effective defense, enabling the body to get to know the enemy and confront it in the shortest period of time.
CareTiv – V is taking care of our body and health, by building, optimizing and maintaining the defense and immune systems, and hence improves the process of detection and neutralization of any virus which may penetrate the body.
Creative – V contributes to the balance of the defense systems of the body, leading them to optimal functioning, and increasing the chance for effective handle of the diseases, or even enables to avoid contagion completely.

Benefits of using CareTiv – V

  • Suitable for anyone, at any age, for treating and avoiding variety of diseases, especially viral diseases and their aggravations.
  • Doesn’t evoke excessive reaction of the immune system or an unwanted autoimmune response.
  • Effective in treating all kind of viruses, including all variations of flu.
  • Effective in treating viral hepatitis B or C, herpes, Rota virus and more.
  • Valuable in treating the viruses: Epstein Bar and CMV (which might cause responsive diseases, including chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, damages to the liver and nervous system).
  • Allows to optimize of the function of defense systems – it is one of the most important steps a person can take in order to ensure his health.

Composition: cordyceps, shitake, agaricus blazei, reishi, maitake, coriolus and green tea extract.
General usage guidelines: 3-6 capsules per day.
For instruction for kids and additional diseases please contact the information desk.


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